Mundan Ceremony

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Mundan ceremony

The Hindu mundan ceremony is a tradition in which a child’s hair is fully chopped off and given as a contribution to the god. As per the Hindu beliefs, shaving a child’s first full-grown hair refines the child and purifies him or her from any evil eye or existence of evil. There are various other faiths following this ritual as follows.

  • It helps in keeping the child’s body and head chill, mostly in the summer season.
  • It clears the soul and the body of the child.
  • When baby teeth start coming in, they are prone to suffer from headaches. The shaving of the hair helps in reducing the pain.
  • Beliefs are such that the hair growth of the child enhances after baldness which leads to stronger and healthier hair.
  • It blesses the kid with a long life and better health.

For the mundan ceremony, the child’s age should be between 1-3 years. Bald heads are advantageous for curing some hair diseases such as piedra and pediculosis. So, if you are thinking of holding a mundan ceremonyfor your child, below are some of the tips which will advise you on your first time.

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